Eric Brown

I’m E R Brown, Eric to everyone except the publishing world. My first novel, Almost Criminal, was launched in the spring of 2013.

I’ve worked as a stagehand, recording engineer, computer programmer, and chandelier cleaner, but for many years I’ve made my living with words. I’ve written ads, annual reports, video scripts and technical manuals, worked as a managing editor, and taught writing. My short stories have been published in nationwide magazines and dramatized by the CBC.

I’m still active as a freelance copywriter and communication strategist. For more on that side of my life, visit my business website. On that site I use my full name.

Why the initials for my fiction writing? A British sci-fi writer beat me to my own name. When you’re a Brown, you get used to that sort of thing. One of my namesakes became so tired of receiving emails intended for another of us, that he put together a website dedicated to Eric Browns on the web. One of us (well, a Hopeton Eric Brown) was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list until he died in a shootout. Maybe that’s why I used to get stopped at the border.

I grew up in the Montreal area—St-Lambert to be precise—and lived in Montreal and Pointe Claire. I now call Vancouver home.