Randle Kennedy has the seeds for the world’s finest B.C. weed. He can hand you a toke that’ll be the high of your dreams. It can ease your cancer or help your granny’s Alzheimer’s. When B.C. finally legalizes pot, he plans to become a major player. Meanwhile, he’s stuck with a transportation issue. His market is in the United States. His plants are in Canada. He needs a front. Enter Tate MacLane, boy genius. Since his grand days in high school (he graduated at 14), Tate’s talents have been put to use making one of Vancouver’s finest lattes. Then Randle Kennedy comes calling. – from Margaret Cannon’s GLOBE AND MAIL review

almostcrim_japan_cover_blue_redNow in Japanese: In 2015, the Japanese translation of Almost Criminal was released by Hayakawa Publishing.

Edgar Award finalist – Best Paperback Original

Arthur Ellis Award finalist – Best First Novel

A “Best Book of 2014” – 49th Shelf