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Selected reviews and testimonials for fiction, copywriting and communication strategy 

For Almost Criminal

[starred review]

If you took a gritty crime novel and a coming-of-age story and squashed them together, you might get something very close to this excellent book. David Pitt

* Recommended for YA and General interest

Globe and Mail

Funny and twisted in the same vein as Breaking Bad (but very Canadian on the crime) with tons of great Lower Mainland vibes. This is Brown’s debut and it’s an auspicious one. Margaret Cannon

Hamilton Spectator

Almost Criminal tells a tale about parallel worlds, the one we live in and that instant society that flies under our radar. It's a tightrope from which one fall is fatal. Author E.R.Brown lays out the territory with tight pacing and insightful dialogue that captures the panic that is but one mistake away. Don Graves

Reviewing the

Well-researched and convincingly told, ALMOST CRIMINAL is a revealing look at the dark world of the illicit pot business from the perspectives of grow-ops, distributors, users, and the gangs that lie behind them. 

Library Bound
"Ron's Picks"

With convincing characters and a lack of cartoonish violence, this is a good read for those with an interest in how marijuana cultivation can underpin vast swathes of a community in myriad ways.

The teenaged protagonist has the usual problems endemic to the age: family, school, money, unrequited love etc, making this a good book for young adult and reluctant readers as well. Ron Stadnick

Strand: Top Ten Vancouver Crime Novels 

In naming Almost Criminal to  Strand Magazine's list of Top Ten Crime Novels set in Vancouver, author Sam Wiebe noted:
Like Breaking Bad or Fargo, the novel’s strength comes from the ways ordinary suburban life butts up against a criminal underworld it can’t ignore. Brown’s storytelling is skillful and has literary heft. 

Deryn Collier
author, A Real Somebody

An intriguing combination of coming-of-age story and crime novel. Brown's Tate MacLane is an innocent who can bluff his way through most situations. He's also desperate for money and eminently likeable - in other words the perfect tour guide for a journey into the secret world of B.C. bud. 

Rick Mofina
bestselling author

E.R. Brown hits it out of the park with this wonderful page-turner - great characters and storytelling evocative of Elmore Leonard. 

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